About Trevor Plouffe

I love what I do. Im a very fortunate person, and I dont ever forget that.

My family and I are very close. My brother Marshall played baseball at Cal State Sacramento for four years, and went on to play Independent Ball for another three. I have a little sister named Paige, and she is about to graduate high school. My Mom, Diane, just finished up school and is now a nurse. She takes care of me, and as much as Id like to say Im not, Im kind of a mommas boy. My Dad, Warren, taught me how to play baseball. He was a great coach and never forced me to do anything that I didnt want to do. Thats probably why I love the game so much.

I have an awesome girl in my life, Olivia. She is without a doubt the coolest person I know. You can see her illustration of Delmon and I on my first entry. Its an instant classic.


I love music, hacki sack, and life.