Just a Little Introduction…

             So let’s just get one thing straight right off the bat. I’m not your typical blogger. I was pretty hesitant about doing this, and still kind of am. It’s not that I’m too cool for it, or too private of a person, it’s just that I don’t think I’ll be any good at it. Hopefully I’m wrong.

             They’ve given me free reign to write about whatever I want, and I think that’s what I’m going to do. I know baseball is the main theme here, but there’s other stuff to talk/write about too. For instance, I’m definitely going to be adding pictures and video links of an up and coming band destined for stardom (more to come). Throw in some off the field stories and some thoughts on the universe, and that will pretty much sum it up.
             To kick things off, I want to thank my roommate and friend Delmon Young for embarrassing me in the clubhouse today. Although I can’t and won’t go into details, let’s just say he got my pretty good. So rather than sit and pout about it, I thought I would get a little revenge. Delmon and I have been friends since about 1998. We played travel ball together and always have just gotten along. I’ve seen him go through some awkward stages for sure, and I always laugh when people picture him as mean and aggressive. Truth be told, Del is just a giant teddy bear. His most recent endeavor, illustrated beautifully here, is a great example of this.

trevor & delmon.bmp 

          So just in case you see Delmon roaming the streets, keep the potato chips, french fries, and white bread away. He’s watching his figure. 
          Until next time, Trevor.


  1. povosc01@luther.edu

    Who penned that lovely illustration?

    Keep up the posts, Plouffe. This looks like some good stuff.

    Also, you’re definitely the first to cast anything remotely close to a teddy bear-image on Delmon.

  2. nascars66@comcast.net

    Hey Trevor,It’s Big Paul in New Britain,and what i read so far is just to cool man.you have no problems in blogging and i didn’t know you liked Zepplin.But hey hope Cristy told you what i said to him to tell you.And i’ll catch up to you sometime and we will go out to that place..lol..you be good and hope to hear from you sometime.Be safe and take care Paul….((((pssst)))) remember T-Bar….Peace!!!

  3. pdoyle_licsw@comcast.net

    hey Trevor i can’t even play ball, but have wondered what my walk up would be…
    finally settled on, without a doubt;
    Dr. Feelgood, motley crue
    it kicks right from the start, kicks a**
    i always felt bad for the guys who chose a song that just doesn’t have enough time to get in gear before it’s cut out
    what do ya think?
    crue rules, anyway

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